Signs of Rodents

Could you have mice in your home? If you’re reading this, you likely suspect there is a problem with these rodents and you want to act quickly. Mice infest homes and pose serious threats to health, safety, and a comfortable living. To determine if mice are present in your home, you’ll need to inspect the home and look for the signs that indicate the presence of mice. It is not hard to determine if these critters have made a place for themselves in the home. If you think there are mice, call for professional exterminator service in berlin nj and quickly get rid of this pest.

Take a flashlight with you to inspect dark areas of the home. Look behind cupboards, appliances, and even in holes because these places are favorites for mice to hide.  Look on the floor and near the floor for mice, but don’t forget to look up, too. Mice are exceptional climbers and may very well make their home in higher location. It is best to inspect the home before calling professionals, although a good pest control company will always thoroughly inspect the property before taking any action.

Some of the many signs that indicate a problem with mice are:

·    Mouse droppings

·    Gnaw marks on anything and everything in the house

·    Strong odors

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·    Smell of urine

·    Scampering/squealing noises

·    Nests

These signs of mice are some of the most common indicators that you have an infestation on your hands. If you notice these signs of a rodent infestation, don’t wait to call for service. Pest control professionals can provide any number of solutions based upon the severity of the infestation, your budget and personal preferences. Traps and baits are the two most popular of the mouse control options, with several varieties available in each category.