In The Age Of The Selfie, A Painting Commission Is Special

There used to be a time when the only way to create a likeness of someone was to get an artist to draw or paint them. It was only something that someone important or more importantly with access to funds did.

Now we’re all too familiar with the selfie and we’re at the point where some people photograph every damn thing they eat and subject us to it as well. How do you make an image special in a climate like that?

One way is to consider a painting. Portrait commissions asheboro nc can be a true portrait or a landscape of somewhere you especially like. Whatever you choose there is a thrill in memorializing someone or somewhere you love, but at the same time creating a work of art which has the potential to stand on its own as an item of value.

The art world is a strange and capricious thing. What makes an item valuable as ‘art’ constantly changes and doesn’t necessarily make sense to the uninformed amateur. There is a cachet in a piece of art though, if only because someone took the time to do the work.

Portrait commissions asheboro nc

What you’re asking for when you commission a view of the topic from someone else’s perspective. A portrait painter will try to capture the essence of a person’s character in the painting. It will show who they are, not just what they look like. With something that cuts so close to the soul, it is not surprising that some people love their art and sometimes not. Winston Churchill the World War 2 leader hated one of his portraits and destroyed it.

These days, a sitter would collaborate with the artist, this way, they will get something they love.